Saturday, March 11, 2017

Illegal immigration in the House of the Scorpion

At the end of chapter 14, Celia tells her story to Matt. Then, Matt has a close call with the farm patrol in chapter 25. Then we learn about the “Coyotes” and the "farm patrol” that work together to capture people illegally crossing the border. This exists in real life too. There are people that are paid money to smuggle people across borders, especially the U.S.- Mexico border. There are many people that actually turn to this type of person in real life. People want to do well in life. They want to give their children a good childhood or to make their circumstances better. So naturally, if there is a chance for someone to get to a better place they will most likely take it. The Canadian government seems like it knows this struggle. An article on CTV news covers how the Canadian government is not yet going to take action on the illegal border crossings. Anyone who illegally sneaks into the country will have their asylum cases heard. It says that they will be held by the police until criminal background checks are completed. So this shows that the Canadian government knows the struggle those people are going through

In the book, coyotes are people that offer to take people over the border. They take them about halfway then turn the people they are smuggling over to the farm patrol, who make sure that no one can cross the border illegally. Then the farm patrol turns the people into eejits, which are slaves and workers that have implants in their brain to make them only capable of simple tasks. We found this out through Celia telling matt the story of how she got where she is now. At first, she lived in the town where El Patròn lived and worked in a factory on the border between Aztlán and opium. But things started to change when she was taught how to cook. p.142 “Soon  I got off the assembly line and started cooking for the rest of the building. I had more freedom; I went to markets to buy herbs and food. And one day I met a coyote”. She did not like where she was in life, so she turns to a coyote for a chance to get to a better place. But the coyote abandoned her in the mountains and she got caught by the authorities. Celia turned to the coyote for the chance to get to a better place, just like so many people in the real world.

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Monday, February 27, 2017

New individual blog post!

We are doing a solo project for the book. We have a choice of three questions: What does it mean to be a caregiver/mother/father, What is education and how do people learn about their worlds? In what ways can someone “get educated?”, and how do you justify the idea that a person can be both good and evil at the same time? 

Out of these three questions, I chose the second one “What is education and how do people learn about their worlds, and in what ways can someone “get educated?”. I’m going to start with the first part of the question. Education is the act of acquiring new knowledge and facilitating knowledge. So it is not just going to school, but much more than that. People learn about their worlds by Learning new things, going at your own pace and always stretching their understanding of the world. Kind of like in House of the scorpion where Celia taught Matt how to read and write, then taught him about counting and other skills. He then learned about opium (the country) and opium (the drug) and how to play music and listen to tunes. He went through the same process that we all did. We learn by repetition, by introducing new topics and getting interested in them. 

We all know that the general definition of education is, once again, acquiring new knowledge, but we kind of group that in with going to school. But that is not necessarily what it means to be educated. Education is when you learn, so learning a new skill or being taught how to hunt counts as being educated. You can be educated in a garage by learning how to fix a car, you can be educated in a kitchen by learning how to cook a meal or bake a cake. Even matt in the book got educated in ways other than being taught in a school curriculum. Tam lin showed matt the oasis. There he showed him how to find coyote dens, how to tell the mood of a beehive by its hum, and told matt his analogy of El Patron. these are all examples of gaining knowledge. This all goes counter to the people that think that the only way to get educated is to go to school. Thanks for reading!

Friday, February 10, 2017

New blog focus!

We have just started a new novel study project on a book named The House of the Scorpion. The new focus of this blog will be on that project which stretches until march of this year. There will be many posts on many different topics related to the book. This will include individual projects, group projects, discussions, and debates. I think that this will be a good unit with interesting activities and the chance to read a good book. I am most excited for the debates at the end of the unit, but I am nervous about the number of blog posts we need to write. As I said, this will be the new focus of my blog until march 2017, and thanks for reading!

Monday, October 24, 2016

Be it not resolved

My teacher gave us a statement to think about. It was: “Be it resolved that children’s exposure to whimsical ideas should be limited to effectively prepare them for adult life.” I am very opposed to the idea because we can’t have progress without creativity and whimsical ideas. Space travel was once a whimsical idea and look where we are now! This is not a good way to prepare children for adulthood. If you have ever seen or read the story “The Little Prince” (which is a kids’ story that was made into an animated movie), one of the big messages in it was “Only with the heart one can see rightly, what is essential is invisible to the eye.” That means that what is really important is impossible to see with your eyes. This is an important lesson to learn, and the place we learn this type of moral is usually fairy tales and whimsical ideas.

A study at the University of California shows that play helps children learn in their childhood. I believe that whimsical ideas are interconnected to playing. While some people might think of whimsical as ridiculous and foolish, a kid who would be most affected by this might think of it as fun and playful. This research from the University of California says that children in the last 50 years have been getting decreased amounts of play time, which can actually lead to poor emotional development, anxiety, and even depression. If this happened to the whole world it  would be a disaster! Nothing would get done, everyone would have depression or anxiety, and most importantly nothing would change! We would never get out of the cycle of stillness where nothing happens and no one advances anything. So think about what I have said and imagine what the world would be like if this was a law. Thanks for reading!

Friday, September 9, 2016

My visual representation

My visual representation has many different parts. The setting is in my room. I put it there because usually your room has a very calming atmosphere. It is where you go to recharge and lie down, so I read there because I can just focus on reading. There  are stars and a moon seen through the window, because I usually read before I go to bed to help get to sleep. There are also the names of fiction stories/series that are well known to show how I love fiction, but also that those stories take place in a far off land that we know little about, kind of like the dark side of the moon. I also have a hockey stick on my wall to symbolize the other activities that prevent me from reading. There is a list of recommendations on my wall because I usually get books recommended to me, because if a friend liked a book then it must be worth reading.

There is a trident on the wall because the Percy Jackson series was the first big series that I read and it really got me into reading and mythology. I also put a question mark on the wall because I read some mystery books, but it also symbolizes an incentive to finish a book or, finish a series. The mystery at the end is the reason that I read.